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About Nathare Eggs

Nathare eggs are easy to spot due to their shiny gold color. They are most often found hidden in bushes where their sparkling colors are hard to see, but due to the reflective surface of the egg, shining a small amount of light at a hidden Nathare egg will most likely reveal it.

Nathare eggs are often preyed upon by the Dragold due to the Dragold's affinity for anything that looks expensive.

About the Nathare Creature

Nathare are an odd, omnivorous, specie of snakes. They are not very agile, and are rather small in comparison to Ark's more dangerous snakes. As a result, they aren't very good at hunting, but over time have evolved to be able to survive off of fresh vegetables. Despite their poor hunting skills, their venom is actually among the most dangerous of liquids discovered in Ark, and a single drop of this venom in the bloodstream would be fatal to almost any animal. Oddly enough, plants don't seem to be affected by it. While Nathare are generally peaceful creatures, they will strike at any predator that gets close to their eggs.

Despite what many Arkians believe, they do not eat grass or clovers, and nobody is really sure about why they resemble three-leaf clovers.