Silvernot449 the Silvernot

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5 Apr 2016
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Species: Silvernot
Gender: Male
Received: Stolen myself
Origin: Easter Egg Hunt 2016
Available: Not for Trade
Travel: Lakeside

About Silvernot Eggs

It would seem that the Silvernot egg produces tiny particles of silvery dust! After a touching a Silvernot egg, one would think that you'd need a complete dusting yourself!

About the Silvernot Creature

The Silvernot is a highly coveted moth creature known for producing a rare form of silk called "silver silk." It contains silver within the fabric itself.

Silvernots are at the peak of their silver silk production in the days surrounding Easter each year, even if it moves between certain months. They are completely incapable of producing this silver silk in colder temperatures. Because of this, Silvernots are typically kept as "inside creatures" and live where their owners can control the temperature.

Silver silk is most commonly used in clothing, as a type of luxurious fashion statement.