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About Spunny Eggs

While the colorful spines on this egg are very beautiful, they must be handled with care! They are very sharp and can cut anyone that tries to touch them without protecting themselves with very thick gloves.

You can tell how close a Spunny egg is to hatching by observing the direction the spines are facing. The more they are sticking out of the shell, the older the egg is. An unhealthy Spunny egg will have dull colors, and must be kept in direct sunlight as much as possible to rejuvenate its health.

About the Spunny Creature

The spines on the Spunny egg become the Spunny's mane upon hatching, and it becomes longer and sharper as the Spunny ages. Female Spunny are attracted to males with longer and more vibrant colors on their manes, so the males always try to take good care of them and groom them frequently. To protect themselves from the sharp manes of other Spunny, they have very thick coats, although this makes keeping cool very difficult as they generally tend to live in warm climates.

Spunny are rather isolated creatures and tend to prefer to keep a distance from Arkians and other creatures. They usually travel alone, as their children become independent immediately upon hatching. Despite being herbivores, they are not hunted, as no creatures would dare the chance of getting caught in the Spunny's dangerous tail!