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About Aal Eggs

Aal eggs are smooth and scaleless. They secrete a thick, protective mucus which leaves a bad taste in the mouth of predators trying to eat them. Females Aals lay their eggs, surprisingly, very close to Listrick's nests only. Strangely, they will not guard them and leave immediately after making the nest.

About the Aal Creature

Aals belong to the family of electric eels. They possess, obviously, the ability to produce electricity with glands located across their bodies.

Thankfully, they generate electric currents of low voltage. In other words, these currents will not kill the prey but only stun them for few minutes, enough for the Aal to grab their prey, as a second set of jaws will drag it into their throat and then to the stomach.

Aals are often considered vicious due to their appearance. The truth is Aals will always run away from humans and may attack only in self-defense or by pure accident. A single Aal shock is not fatal for humans and if someone touches one, will only feel a small stinging pain and become dizzy for a short moment.

It takes dozens of Aal shocks to be fatal. Luckily, they don't live in groups!