Bee-having the Junglee

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6 Jun 2016
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About Junglee Eggs

Junglee eggs are laid and incubated within complex hive systems found atop the jungle canopies of Ark. A queen of this species can effortlessly lay around six thousand eggs per day if proper hive conditions are met.

These conditions have yet to be fully deciphered nor recreated by the Science and Research Center. Queens placed in artificial hives will consistently produce only several hundred eggs daily as opposed to thousands.

About the Junglee Creature

In stark contrast to the Buzzle and Bzzt, the Junglee is a species of bee which cannot sting. The stinger still exists, albeit on a microscopic scale, but it has long since become vestigial in favor of an alternative tactic; biting.

Being passive creatures with very few natural predators, Junglees are reluctant to attack unless their hive faces imminent destruction. They will swarm their target and use their tiny mouths to deliver a sharp pinch that will not cease until the threat is deterred or subdued. Such instances rarely occur and a hive will attempt to relocate to a safer area before needing to resort to violence.