Fuaran the Eleton

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About Eleton Eggs

Eleton eggs are known to have a very thick outer shell. Despite this, greenery is capable of growing through to the outer layer. There, the greenery can absorb nutrients and limited sunlight.

Eleton eggs hatch in shady parts of the jungle, preferably under a thick leaf. They die if they are exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

About the Eleton Creature

Distant relatives of the Miros, Eletons are the supreme elephants of the central jungles of Ark.

Eletons are known to have a extremely thick skin, which supports their mass and internal organ pressure. This skin is so thick, in fact, that Eletons are known to stay at their homes in the jungle even when the Volcano is close to erupting or spitting hot rock (where all other creatures would flee or burrow into the ground). This is because the lava itself won't burn them (although they could certainly get trapped in it).

In terms of temperament, Eletons are mistrustful of human beings and are very protective of their young and members of their own herd. They are next to impossible to train and befriend, much less domesticate as a pet. While they may have the appearance of being approachable, they are quick to rip apart any creature that threatens them.

Because of the size and viciousness of this species, it is best to observe them at a distance, preferably through a guided jungle bus tour launched from Ark City.