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About Lenochod Eggs

Lenochod eggs are usually found on treetops, nestled upon thick layers of leaves close to the trunk of the tree. Tiny flowers will grow on the egg and will flourish as the egg ages. A Lenochod egg with a large amount of blooming flowers is a good indicator that the egg is healthy and will likely hatch soon.

About the Lenochod Creature

The Lenochod is generally described as slow and docile. Because movement burns out a high amount of chemical energy for the Lenochod, they tend to hang stationary from tree branches, only moving when necessary. They also rely heavily on their ability to camouflage with the tree as a natural defense and rarely leave the tree that they are born in. Their diet mainly consists of various leaves, flowers, and berries.

Due to their similarities in nature with the Buttersloff, the two species will occasionally be found living in the same tree, cohabiting peacefully.