Kibi the Byte

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1 Aug 2016
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About Byte Eggs

Byte eggs are extremely sleek when rubbed from top-to-bottom in a single, swift motion. Inversely, rubbing them from bottom-to-top will undoubtedly cause injuries with their razor-sharp edges.

As with the Robark, "© Arkitech Incorporated" is engraved on the bottom of these eggs in small lettering.

About the Byte Creature

Bytes are developed by Arkitech Incorporated and marketed as providing "top-of-the-line aquatic security for beaches, resorts, water parks, and various other water-based establishments."

Juvenile Bytes are meant to be used in contained bodies of water as opposed to open ocean. Their smaller frames and lack of armor makes it possible for them to safely interact with swimmers and even play with them. Fully matured Bytes can reach a top speed of 90 km/h underwater and are adept at fending off dangerous creatures from entering shallow beach waters. Finely attuned to discerning sea life because of their recognition software, Bytes are able to determine the potential threat level of every species it scans.

No casualties have been reported between humans and Bytes, although that has not prevented mischievous swimmers from spinning horror stories about man-eating Bytes with a rogue A.I.