Guenga the Nulli

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Guenga the Nulli

I backed away from the snarling dark violet lion in front of me. Blue spots dotted his back, his tail ending with a blue wisp. I blinked again, blue spots, it couldn't be! Was it a Nulli? I've only heard of those, the wicked Cloverlis banished from the pride. They were said to live in the Fiery Shadows, not here! The Nulli stepped closer, a fearsome look on his face. Looking behind me, there was nothing but a cliff. There was no way but through him. Running fast, I tried to dodge around him. I tripped over a rock, falling forward, expecting to feels sharp claws on my skin. But there was none. As I regained my balance, I turned my head a little to look back. He stood their watching me, silently and thoughtfully. With a wave of his tail, he trotted away. I let out my breath as I walked away. Perhaps Nulli weren't as wicked as I thought.

About Nulli Eggs

Nulli eggs are engulfed by an intense aura of negative emotions. Passerby creatures or humans with impure hearts will have their energy siphoned by this aura as a means to sustain the wicked creature within.

About the Nulli Creature

Folklore regarding the origin of the Nulli tells that the species is a malicious counterpart to the strong and prideful Cloverli. Said to be the unadulterated manifestation of hatred and jealousy, traits that Cloverlis notably lack, Nullis have an insatiable urge to destroy and conquer. Their sheer ruthlessness has allowed this species to claim reign upon a significant portion of The Fiery Shadows.

To compare someone to a Nulli is to say that they are an arrogant, envious, and heavily conceited person. The strong connotations associated with this insult has led to it becoming taboo to use in Arkian society.