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About Tamsi Eggs

No one truly knows where Tamsi eggs come from or what brings them here. Rumor has it that these eggs are brought into our world by spirits in the night, placing them in the darkness for an Ark citizen to stumble upon. They can only be found on cold nights, illuminated by the light of the full moon above. The egg itself is soft, but ice cold, lacking any kind of warmth or movement to signal that there is a living creature inside.

About the Tamsi Creature

Tamsis fade in and out of existence during the day but completely solidify at night. It is said that they are only half alive, partially existing in this world and in the afterlife, giving them the ability to walk through walls and on ceilings. Though their feet never really touch the ground, they lack the ability to fly, only being able to levitate a few inches above the floor.

They love to play tricks on people while they're hidden by the darkness of night, walking into homes and leaving their dusty paw prints on walls and ceilings, moving furniture around, or pushing open doors around night owls when they're alone. They're completely invisible at night when they wrap themselves in the shadows that seem to trail them everywhere they go, and this which aids them in their mischief, but their biggest giveaway is the tell-tale glow of their large, white eyes which they can never fully hide.

They're very elusive, however, and no one has ever been able to catch one of them. They are very protective of their territory, and if you move into a home that is occupied by one, be prepared to face a barrage of tricks not unlike a full blown haunting.