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1 Nov 2016
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About Plymowl Eggs

A fragrant mixture of pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon always accompanies Plymowl eggs. They are commonly found laid within the hollows of trees during the autumn months.

About the Plymowl Creature

Plymowls are proud, social creatures that live in colonies of several dozen individuals. Closely adhering to a set of social norms which vary in subtle differences between each separate colony, this species is notable for its strenuous work ethic and disregard for leisurely activities.

A sworn rival of the Plymowl is the Eeriek for reasons currently undetermined by the Science and Research Center. A Plymowl suspected of being in contact with an Eeriek, or even going near its territory, will oftentimes be exiled from the colony without hesitation. An infamous campfire story tells of a colony that, after having become paranoid to the point of mass hysteria, decide to mercilessly kill any Plymowls deemed conspiring with Eeriek.