Covington the Honk

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13 Nov 2016
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Renamed him "Covington" on 2016/12/15
Old Name: chickey000
Got him on 2016/12/14 - Won in the auctions for 11 EC.
Owned by 5eggs79
Not named after anyone. Covington just sounded nice.

About Honk Eggs

This egg, by far, contains the most mysterious surprise.

About the Honk Creature

Honk are a unique kind of species in that they are the only type of duck which will NOT run away from a human. Honks, naturally, enjoying making their distinct "honk" noise; after several minutes of listening to a flock of Honk honking, it can get rather annoying. However, a Honk is a friend for life and enjoys flying across the beaches of Ark. If you ever need to deliver a message to a friend on the other side of the island, a Honk may be your best bet.