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22 Mar 2010
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I can`t believe! I am so happy!
I got a Rhinedorf!
I love her!

Theonoe is Greek origin and means divine wisdom.
It`s pronounced: thee ON oh ee

Birthday is a perfect, sunny day on March 22,2010.
Our development:

5.000 views: --> I HATCHED! I am SO cute! April 6, 2010
7.500 views: --> evolved on April 26,2010
10.000 views: --> ADULT on May 25,2010

NOT UFA/UFT please don`t ask! thx

About Rhinedorf Eggs

This egg is only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park.

About the Rhinedorf Creature

Rhinedorf are genetically engineered creatures, made by man. The ramifications of such experiments have not been discovered; all we know is that the Rhinedorf is a major scientific success. Naturally, the Rhinedorf cannot be stolen from the Egg Cave; the eggs must be purchased from the Science and Research Center via the Cash Shop. Rhinedorf are very territorial and aren't afraid to use their horn and charge a dangerous intruder. Other than their protective instincts, Rhinedorf are very kind creatures.