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23 Jan 2017
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Just one more day
Tanya Lord

Sometimes I wonder what I would say
If we had just one more day

Would I tell you the news from home?
Ask you about where you now roam?

Would I tell you all the things left unsaid?
The guilt and regrets still in my head?

Would I want to know that you're okay?
Beg you please to come back and stay?

Would I not say all that much?
And just reach out for one last touch?

I don't know what I would say
But I do sure wish for that one more day

About Specouro Eggs

Specouro eggs appear in eerie places such as haunted houses or graveyards, where the energy of the spirit world is at its greatest and bleeds into this one.

About the Specouro Creature

Specouros have always symbolized the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. They reside on the fine barrier between this world and the spiritual realm, having the ability to become wholly physical one moment and a ghostly apparition in the next.

Over the centuries, many have tried to pry the secrets of the dead from the Specouro, and each and every time the creature will simply fade back into the spirit world. The species appears to be protecting death's mysteries safe from those who would exploit them, but shady organizations and figures have yet to relent on their efforts.