Mythic-Ryujin the Luryuken

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About Luryuken Eggs

The spiny fins on Luryuken eggs carry a mild toxin that deters predators. After hatching, the coral “horns” on the shell will fall to the seafloor and can become the basis of new coral reefs.

About the Luryuken Creature

For centuries, Luryukens were thought to be a myth dreamt up by sun-addled sailors. It wasn’t until a Luryuken was spotted bringing a floundering ship into Ark Bay after a devastating storm that others began to believe the sailors’ tales. There is a tradition among those who sail the seas to bring an offering for the Luryuken to ensure a safe voyage.

Luryukens predominantly live far from Ark’s shores, out in the deep ocean, where they prefer to keep to themselves. However, a Luryuken will often surface to help ships or shipwrecked sailors find their way back to safety.