Ravelle the Ami

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17 Feb 2017
9 Oct 2018
16 Feb 2019
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earned 590 points in the asteroid plot in my first few weeks on the site

#45 on the Stargazing Leaderboard in my first ever Halloween Fair! wish i had been able to fair more! so fun!

stopped clicking at 217 gobblers on nov 30th

#8 most chocolates found and #5 most chocolates sent and received in the 2017 chocotravaganza exchange

completed the 2017 easter egg hunt on april seventeenth > : 3

came in #40 in the 2017 halloween fair stargazing leaderboards!

peaked at #44 most gifts sent february 17th in the 2020 chocotravaganza

~~Thief Shop~~

October 4, 2020: You pay the shopkeeper 526,611 EC and receive your Mystery Egg.

13 minutes pass as you wait for the egg to hatch. It rumbles and shakes a bit...
The egg "hatches," only to discover it was a plastic egg covered in black ink. It wasn't a real egg! The shopkeeper doesn't offer an apology after you get really upset with him.

You consider coming back in the future to see if another egg hatches successfully but you have your doubts about this place.

About Ami Eggs

This egg is given out during the Chocotravaganza Exchange.

Ami eggs will constantly emit a sweet and alluring fragrance that is like none other. The sweeter the aroma is, the closer the egg is to hatching.

In Ark's rich and distant past, an Ami egg would oftentimes be given as a present to newlyweds in a royal family. The gift was meant to signify the bond shared between the two partners and to hopefully ensure a prosperous kingdom.

About the Ami Creature

Ami are highly sociable creatures with love that is nothing short of unconditional. It is said that if you and your partner raise an Ami together the bond between you will grow stronger.

It is very telling of someone's personality or behavior if an Ami is ever reluctant to approach them. It can be the signal of an unusually bad mood or of a toxic personality, one to be avoided at all costs.