-Coherence- the Quetki

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About Quetki Eggs

Quetki eggs, while confined to Ark's jungles, always seem to show up in the most unexpected of places. They also have a strange ability to disappear from one spot and appear in another.

About the Quetki Creature

Many old tales involving Quetkies position them in the role of the trickster, a role that most Quetkies play in reality as well. While most of these stories paint the Quetki as a figure of evil, they are in truth much more complex characters than their fictional counterparts. A Quetki's tricks will usually have some sort of meaning to them: to bring low someone who grew too prideful, to shake up an otherwise boring life, or to teach some sort of lesson are just a few to name. Quetkies tend to also be rather jovial and always enjoy a good party. You'll never have a dull time if there is a Quetki around. It may not always be pleasant, sure, but it won't be dull.