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25 Dec 2019
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and her grandmother.

Okay, here we go... So, my grandmother died this year in January, and I made the Daffolynn based off of her. Her and my mom's middle name is Lynn, and my grandma's first name was Donna. Perfect! And her birthday, actually is on August 7th, so I wanted one born that day... >_< xD

About Yastara Eggs

Once a tree has spawned a Kiinirit a Yastara egg will appear in one of the nearby trees the following spring.

About the Yastara Creature

The Yastara is a type of forest fae that is attracted to the presence of a Kiinirit. Unlike Kiinirits, multiple Yastaras can and often will inhabit the same tree. Yastaras will leave wreaths of spring flowers hanging from the branches of their trees and even more flowers hanging from the Kiinirit's tree.