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6 May 2017
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About Peaflower Eggs

Peaflower eggs are often laid in thick beds of wildflowers that grown in the lower parts of the Wetlands because of the safety of camouflage. To hatch, Peaflower eggs must be kept at above 50% at all times. If the air or its surrounding environment becomes too dry, the eggs cannot hatch.

About the Peaflower Creature

Peaflowers, after first hatching, normally envelope themselves in their flower-like feathers. Baby Peaflowers are very shy and do not like interacting with either creatures of their own kind or of other species.

Once Peaflowers grow a bit, into their mid-life, they become much more social and enjoying chatting in their bird language, Peatuckle, with other bird-like species. Peatuckle has been studied by the Science and Research Center in Ark City and its sounds have been confirmed to be indicative of some type of higher language, making Peaflowers one of the smartest bird species on Ark.

Peaflowers are under active study by the Science and Research Center in Ark City, in hopes of determining how to translate Peatuckle into the common tongue. For now, translations mostly remain unknown except for a few words like "fly", "eat", and "run away."