0001-SPACE-128 the Cosmomon

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21 May 2017
5 Jun 2017
2 Jun 2017
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About @SpaceIsThePlace:

I played EC briefly when I was really little. I thought about getting back into it but wasn't sure what to do with my account. But then it occurred to me: I'm going to create a space themed hoarding account with cosmomons and luminettes. Any extras that you have would be appreciated 😉

(my username is also a reference to the album of the same name by Sun Ra from 1973 😎)

(All creatures that are not luminettes or cosmomons are eventually up for trade)

Release Date cosmomon from @jirachiwishmaker
Thank you very much 😊

About Cosmomon Eggs

When you gaze upon this egg, it feels like you're looking into another world, another dimension that's very different than our own.

About the Cosmomon Creature

Terrifying and unknown, nobody knows what the Cosmomon is. Nobody knows what it is made up of. Is it energy? Is it dark matter? Is it from another universe in the multiverse? Is it from perhaps another timeline?

Cosmomons have the ability to hide themselves, presumably in another dimension, so it has been able to evade capture by the Science and Research Center in Ark City. They have never been studied and nobody knows if they ever will.