Meepr the Renbogi

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3 Jun 2018
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About Renbogi Eggs

Renbogi eggs are nestled comfortably between two very thick and sturdy leaves from the jungle trees of Ark. The leaves actually cling to the egg with great force, making it difficult to pry apart. This is to protect the egg.

When Renbogi eggs get close to hatching, these leaves instinctually release to allow for a safe, unblocked exit for the baby creature inside.

About the Renbogi Creature

Renbogies, surprisingly, share the most genetic code in common with their Arkian owners. More intelligent than the monkey-species that Arkians may have evolved from, Renbogies are extremely perceptive, can be taught commands, learn emotional behavior, and can even establish basic communication with Arkians through movement-based signals.

This makes Renbogies excellent companions for Arkians struggling with stress and anxiety. Renbogies can be trained to fetch and retrieve helpful items in traumatic episodes that their owners might be experiencing.