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Stage 3: April 8th, 2018
I hope the new owner never changes the profile.
Goodbye my dear, I've raised you since you were newly bought from the CSP. I'll miss you greatly.
Original name: Violetpelt
Take care, love!

Never uft
in honor of @mythlight
we had such good times here at Egg Cave!
I immortalized her for you. She'll never die

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About Kittynk Eggs

Kittynk eggs are composed of an oily ink-like substance. A peculiar pattern on each of them bears a resemblance to the number thirteen, as if to warn the nature of the creature within.

About the Kittynk Creature

Once a Kittynk egg collapses its shape and reconfigures into a smiling feline, the foreboding aura that previously surrounded the creature will quickly vanish. The Kittynk has shown itself to be essentially harmless, not to mention very affectionate, but the anomalous property of its inky residue is a cause for concern.

If the pigment from a Kittynk is used for writing purposes, sentences will sometimes become reflected in reality depending on what has been written by the author. The precise means of activating this phenomenon is largely unknown, though the sentence must contain an unfortunate incident befalling someone that the author personally knows. This ink is not commercially available and Ark City's government prohibits the Science and Research Center from conducting tests with it.