BabyBear- the Rainbear

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16 Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017
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About Rainbear Eggs

A dense, syrupy fog can be seen swirling within the egg's transparent shell. Rainbow-colored mist rises upwards from the base, further silhouetting the Rainbear embryo. These eggs can be found floating closely above the ground following a heavy rainstorm, having thought to be fallen from the mystical Fairy World realm.

About the Rainbear Creature

The Rainbear is an elusive bear-like species that lives in the Fairy World of Ark. The creature is able to draw upon water vapor present in the air to create wispy strands of mist that wrap around their small bodies, somehow generating enough lift to allow flight to occur. As a result of the creature's attraction to sunlight, its surrounding mist is always a vibrant rainbow hue. It does not eat very much, with water being its primary source of sustenance, but sometimes a Rainbear can be spotted plucking and eating berries from bushes.

Rainbears, although generally timid and reluctant to interact with most other creatures, have an amicable relationship with Foglins and the two species are often seen playing games of tag amongst the clouds.