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IceFlames the Haunlupe [ies·​flAemz]
English | "A deep love and warmth in the coldest of hearts."
A wonderful gift from a wonderful friend @wolfkit. Thank you so much!

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The most valuable thing in the world is friendship,
And I just received it.
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Frozen on April 11, 2019. National Pet Day.

༶ Introduction ༶

If one had looked out their window, they wouldn't have seen anything, for a heavy fog had settled all over Ark, and had wrapped itself around the earth. At least, that's what it felt like. But on this day, a life was entering the world. A new, fresh life. And it all began with a tapping noise. A little egg, swathed in fog, was opening up. a small crack appeared, and slowly, it became a hole. A little paw stuck out. More tapping. Slowly but surely, this life was coming. Finally, the shells gave way, and there sat a cold, shivering pup. Her fur danced like flames, but it was the color of ice. Her little eyes glowed a pale blue as they searched the land. The pup let out a soft whimper. No answer. A small bark. No answer. She was alone in a world tied with fog and cold. Slowly, the pup got up and began to walk away. She didn't know where she was headed, or what was going to happen, or anything at all. She just knew that she needed to get away from the fog, the mist the shrouds one's vision. The fog that imprisoned her in her egg. The fog that obscured her heart.

༶ Color ༶

Birds twittered. The sun shone brightly. The trees slowly shed their leaves, leaving red, orange, and gold colors on the ground, covering a little sleeping pup. She opened her eyes, and was startled into closing them again. This world was so bright and cheerful! Could it possibly be the world she had been in a day ago? Slowly, she got up, wincing slightly at the bright sun, and looked around. The sky was clear and fog-less. She decided, with satisfaction, that she had indeed traveled far away from the fog. The little pup was about to curl up again when she heard something, like the wind through dead grass. She tensed up and looked around, whimpering softly. Then a creature she had never seen before appeared. It was swathed in a purple mist, and seemed to flicker like the light of a candle. It paused when it saw her.
"Hello! Who are you?" He seemed cheerful, but had a glitter in his large, pale eyes that suggested he had a soft-spot for mischief.
"I-I-I don't...." Come to think of it, who was she? She didn't know.
"Do you have a name? I'm Castmi!" He walked up and nudged her, but it didn't feel like a nudge. It felt like a cold wind just froze her blood.
"N-n-no name..." she stuttered.
"No name? No name?! My, we have to change this, don't we! Hmmm.... your fur looks like it's on fire, but it is a blue flame, color of ice. How about.... IceFlame???" He looked proud of himself for coming up with it.
"S-sure. I-I'd like that..." IceFlame. FlameIce? No, IceFlame was good. Perfect.
"Swell! Now, would you like to come over to my house? Maybe for a cup of tea, or some steak? What do you like to ea-Oh! You're a Haunlupe, aren't you! My my! You know, Haunlupe and Tamsi have many similar abilities..." He chattered on, but began running off into the forest. Thinking he was going to his house, IceFlame hurried after him, feeling a little ungraceful. Up ahead, Castmi was making running movements, but was still gliding over the earth. Meanwhile, IceFlame had to scurry on the ground after him, every now and then stumbling on roots or getting hit by loose branches.
For many hours they ran, and my how sore were IceFlame's paws! They ached on every stride, every step was pain. But Castmi continued encouraging her ("Come on, now! Look! That butterfly just passed us). Finally, Castmi stopped long enough for IceFlame to collapse on the ground and take deep breaths. She felt dizzy, and there was a hurt in her stomach she had never felt before...
"There, look there! There it is! Our, or should I say my, mansion!" IceFlame weakly lifted her head and saw a spectacular building. It shimmered and Glimmered in the fading sunlight, and stood tall and wide, towering over the forest surrounding it.
"Let's go!" Castmi started walking, paused, and turned around to look at IceFlame. "Hmmm.... you look down for the count... Do you know how to solidify? I know how, but do you?"
"What's.... sotidify?" IceFlame managed to gasp out. She was still panting for breath.
"Hmmm, well, it's when you make yourself able to be touched and cuddled. Look, now I'm solid." Castmi suddenly stopped floating and landed delicately on his feet. He walked towards IceFlame and put his paw on her. It lay resting on her head, as warm and as normal as could be.
"Am I sodifitiesed-" IceFlame's question was cut short as Castmi gently took hold of her scruff and then continued running. It felt way different than running on her own. She constantly bumped into Castmi's chest, and every now and then her tail would scrape the ground and she'd have to remember to keep it tucked up. Castmi ran into the castle, went up more than seven staircases, slid down two slides, went through three doors, and even opened one secret door located behind a ginormous picture of an owl before stopping. They were facing a brick wall. Castmi sighed and put IceFlame back on the ground. He flickered, and began floating again.
"Do you know how to become air, like this?" He asked her. She shook her head. "Now, come up to this wall, and imagine yourself slipping through it. Imagine yourself falling onto the other side." IceFlame followed his instructions, and tried to imagine herself falling through a brick wall. She tried to, but her thoughts were continually squashed when thought like "this is stupid" drifted across her mind. I can do this, she thought. I can, I ca- Suddenly, she found herself laying on the floor of the most bizarre room in the world. To work from the ceiling down, here are some details: The ceiling was a deep blue, with little dots that even twinkled like stars. Planets hung from the ceiling, and far below them many fluffy-looking clouds drifted lazily around the room. Then came the walls. The walls seemed to have a base color of black, but also had yellow and orange stripes, with purple swirls, and pink-and-green polka-dots. The floor seemed to be the strangest of them all. It was a tile floor, wood floor, stone floor, carpet, and even some dirt and grass all at the same time! And everything had color. Every. Single. Thing. Had. Color. There were tapestries hanging on the walls with maps and drawings, but were mostly covered in doodles. And scribbles. There was a desk at the far wall, which was littered with letters and maps and feathers, with the occasional bird flying in or out of the window, dropping letters on the desk. But in the center was a big table, where all sorts of different creatures were sitting and eating something delicious-smelling. The chatter stopped as Castmi entered the room.
"Well, looks like someone finally decided to show up," said someone sitting in the middle of the table. She was a human, and IceFlame had the feeling that she was Castmi's owner.
"Well, I found someone to share my no-need-for-doors ability," Castmi replied smugly. Eyes turned, adn the creatures looked at IceFlame.
"Goodness me, is that a Haunlupe?"
"She looks exhausted. Pull up a chair!"
"Poor dear! We do have room for her, right?"
Alarmed at this, IceFlame could only watch as a chair popped out of nowhere and landed with a thunk next to another empty one. The space in front of the chairs sparkled, then food appeared on multi-colored plates.
Castmi floated towards the empty chairs, and IceFlame shyly followed. She sat on the chair and simply watched the food. Castmi, next to her, was eating and munching on it, and she realized that she might have to Soditity, or whatever. So, concentrating very hard, she imagined herself picking up the fork. Suddenly, she fell a couple inches into the chair. IceFlame began to eat, and a warm sensation filled her up. She was happy.

༶ Home ༶

IceFlame ate and ate and ate, and got sleepier and sleepier and sleepier. One by one, the creatures eating left. Which, in fact, is a lot harder than it sounds. In fact, one might've called it impossible. Above the drifting clouds, above the twirling planets, and in a dark corner glittering with stars, was a trapdoor. On the ceiling. And that was the only way out. To get up there, first you had to go to the catapult. It was very ornery, and would remain stiff as a board when you wanted to be catapulted, and as soon as you weren't prepared, the catapult took it's chance and launched you as hard as it could towards the ceiling, where ropes were hanging. You had to swing from rope to rope, all the while dodging planets and stars that dived and hit you on the head. But that wasn't all! The ropes, upon being touched, let out a greasy, oily substance that made it almost impossible to grip. After being launched by the catapult, swinging from rope to rope while being attacked by stars, you get to the "rock wall," only it isn't a rock wall. It's a solid brick wall with the occasional dent and chip. As you can imagine, it was very difficult to swing from the rope onto the wall, and you generally fell onto the trampoline below the first five times. But the chipped was was probably the hardest obstacle. The wall constantly changed colors, and would purposely change itself to different shades to make dents look smooth, and the smooth spots like dents! If you somehow made your way to the top and at the trapdoor, you had to wait. Yes, wait. Because the trapdoor, apparently, had a mind of it's own. It made up passwords from random words, and you had to wait there, dangling on the chipped walls, stars hitting you on the head, while shouting as many words as you could think of. It was quite funny to watch others attempt it.
The first attempt was made by GuardianGreen, and when she fell from the rock wall, bounced on the trampoline, and landed back into her seat, Castmi's soup went up his nose. Another time, I'm_Late, after checking the time, had hurried off, only to be pelted my stars and planets while screaming any word he could think of. When he finally got the password right, MaryEllen stuck her tongue out at the others from inside I'm_Late's pouch. The nerve of her!
But finally, when Lila had gotten through the trapdoor (it had involved a lot of swearing, so much that Castmi had covered IceFlame's ears), Castmi, IceFlame, and the human were alone.
"I don't think I introduced myself. I'm Wolfkit!" said Wolfkit. "Who are you?"
"IceFlame," she replied quietly. Wolfkit raised her eyebrows at Castmi, who busied himself with buttering his toast.
"And I'm sure you met this dunderhead, Castmi? Wait, don't answer yet. Did he say that he owned this mansion and cove?" Wolfkit said, hiding a smile.
"Yes, he said it was his." Castmi looked at IceFlame, putting on a look of great surprise and dignity.
"Me? Tell lies? Never! The only fibs I'm hearing are escaping my deranged pet." The look of rage coming from Wolfkit was the only thing that kept IceFlame from laughing out loud.
"Yes, of course! Last night I restyled the library. You haven't seen it yet, have you? It's greatly improved!"
Wolfkit slapped her palm into her forehead, just when a bird flew in the window and dropped around 50 letters on her head. She glared at the letters with fury.
IceFlame's eyes traveled from the pile of 50 to the hundreds on the messy desk. "Who are they all from," she asked.
Before Wolfkit could close the opportunity, Castmi rushed to reply. "She's in some sort of competition with two other friends. Who can get the least amount of letters by tomorrow. Wolfkit's been cheating. She's been, ah, burning most of the letters lately. But the thing that bothers her the most is that she's loosing!" He chuckled at this. IceFlame watched Wolfkit shred the letters and toss them into the fireplace. "She's in a bad mood today because she realized that no matter what she does with the letters, there's a tracker on the messenger birds. So, now she knows she's loosing," chortled Castmi. "Anyways, this morning I had the sense to run off and find you, because her study, this room here, had been filled from top to bottom with letters! She made everyone clean it up. Afterwards, she had to repair her trapdoor system, as the gears and stuff for everything had been broken by letters!" He winked at IceFlame, then yelled to Wolfkit. "Hey, you didn't tell your friends about that, did you?"
Wolfkit, looking as though she was trying her best to not explode, answered with as much calm as possible. "They do not know the exact details, but they mailed me a golden letter (not a spammy one, whispered Castmi) asking if I was still alive under "all that junk." I sent a letter back, asking what they meant by that."
"But they weren't fooled! They see the number of deliveries on the messenger bird! Over 1 million!" Castmi howled with laughter.
"But," IceFlame said, feeling confused. "So what if you loose? Sure, they'll laugh, but nothing serious will happen, right?"
Castmi chuckled. "Nope! The looser has to pay however much spam she received back to both. So, in other words, Wolf here is going to have to waste more than two million at the moment!"
"CASTMI!!!!" Wolfkit looked like she had reached the farthest horizon of her patience. "CLEAN UP THE LIBRARY, WRITE LETTERS! DO SOMETHING, OR SO HELP ME YOU WILL HAVE REGRET!!!!!"
Castmi rushed over to the desk and began shoving letters underneath a machine that typed itself. The letters then fell into a bin, where birds hovering around delivered them to Wolf's friends.
"IceFlame, I will show you to your room." Wolfkit began savagely hitting the catapult with a stick, and it launched her as soon as she stopped to take a breath. She then began batting stars this way and that, causing the stars' points to stick in the wooden floor.
"I'll... uh, go through the wall and wait," IceFlame said uncertainly.
After some difficulties (Wolfkit nearly swore when the trapdoor told her to eat a Pinkunk), Wolfkit was leading IceFlame down a corridor. Like everything IceFlame had seen in the mansion so far, everything had color. Except this time was a bit odd. There were doors on each side of the corridor, and about half of them seemed to be decorated with everything imaginable. Some doors were red, and had a sweltering heat coming from it, others sounded like there was a tornado inside the room, and you could hear an occasional crash or bang. But that was only half of the doors. The other half were plain and ordinary looking, the first ordinary thing IceFlame had seen since coming into Wolfkit's house. Wolfkit stopped at the first plain one, across from one with vines wrapped around the door.
"This can be your room. Make yourself at home! Tomorrow morning my friends are coming over for breakfast at 9:00, no earlier. I'll tell Olive to wake and guide you up. Good night!" Wolf slowly walked back down the corridor, and the door thudded shut. Deciding she should probably go into her room, IceFlame opened the door. Instantly, before her eyes, the plain brown walls turned a pale, icy blue. The red rug turned to a gentle, cold pink, and the bed turned into some sort of cloud. It suddenly began snowing. Inside the room. Only this time, the snow was warm and never piled up too high. It was the exact height IceFlame would've wanted it. A fireplace appeared, and filled the room with a gentle red glow. It was beautiful. Slowly, IceFlame walked to the bed, where she collapsed onto it. The cloud was so soft! She dug a small hole, and covered herself with more cloud. She had found a home.

About Haunlupe Eggs

On certain autumn nights when moonlight mingles with fog and residual magic or spirit energy a Haunlupe egg can form. Haunlupe eggs spend most of their time being incorporeal, only gaining a tangible presence in this world in the hours before hatching.

About the Haunlupe Creature

The Haunlupe is a strictly nocturnal species whose presence is associated with hauntings. However Haunlupes are not the cause of hauntings instead they seem to be drawn to haunted areas. Given time any area that exhibits signs of a haunting will attract at least one Haunlupe. When a Haunlupe takes residence in a haunted area or building paranormal activity will increase. This effect seems to have diminishing returns as the presences of additional Haunlupes past the first do not measurably increase paranormal activity. It's been speculated that the presence of a Haunlupe provides more energy for spirits to manifest. Unfortunately this theory has proven difficult to test as Haunlupes are as difficult to capture as the spirits themselves.

Haunlupes appear to be made primarily out of ectoplasm and energy. They spend most of their time in an ethereal form that can pass through solid matter. However they can briefly manifest physically and have been seen interacting with objects and living beings.