pWeI0xOa the Doppelganger

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16 Nov 2017
18 Mar 2018
23 Jun 2019
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Wow, what a surprise at 6:01pm November 16, 2017
Woo Hoo!! Thank you Asteroid!!

Put up for auction on it's day of hatching.
It's super creepy and that's okay but not
really for me. If it was a snake, okay! lol

Good Luck to whoever wins and take good care of him.
I hope he goes to a home that has a Leaf of Vaka so he never dies!

Original Owner: @novrain62

About Doppelganger Eggs

Emerging from within the fleshy, grotesque mass of this egg are blood-red tentacles that violently lash out towards any living organism in an attempt to assimilate its genetic information.

About the Doppelganger Creature

The Doppleganger is a monstrous extraterrestrial creature that replicates the appearance, behavior, and memories of its victims through a vaguely-understood assimilation process. With a deadly arsenal of teeth, claws, and tentacles at its disposal, assimilation by a Doppleganger is a brutal affair.

Testing conducted at the Science and Research Center in Faela City shows that the Doppleganger exhibits an adverse reaction to powerful vibrations and intense heat, immediately abandoning their disguise if exposed to either. The Storticai deny having familiarity of the species prior to its appearance on Ark.