Kraugen the Dorrup

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3 Dec 2017
22 Apr 2020
6 Oct 2020
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Kingdom: Mithrana
Title: King of Mithrana (King Kraugen)
Nickname: ((None))
Wife: Catallena
Type of Union: Originally Political but turned into Love
Eldest Son: Denau
Younger Sons: Fialdus, Saianos, Mandra, Travior
Daughters: Sybbelline, Thalasi, Wynsiala
Siblings: TBD
Valet: TBD
Birthday: TBD
Best Friend: TBD


Egg Cave Info
Stolen: December 3, 2017
Hatched/Stage 2: April 22, 2020
Stage 3: 9:44 PM on June 18, 2020
Stage 4:
Star: Purchased a Star Potion for 100 CC on 1/14/2020


About Dorrup Eggs

Colored so that they blend into the rock formations they're found in, the shells of Dorrup eggs are covered in a thin layer of soft fur, helping to keep the egg warm in its cold stone nest. The spines protruding from the egg, based on tests by the Science and Research Center, are spurs of Arkonium. These spurs are sharp and provide some measure of protection for the egg. Should one break off, it causes no harm to the creature inside, but will not grow back until the creature hatches. For this reason, Dorrup eggs are a target for poachers and Dorrup herds are becoming ever more elusive.

The current theory for the occurrence of Arkonium in these creatures is that Dorrup herds purposely seek out Arkonium ore deposits and veins in which to lay their eggs. As the egg settles into its nest, small amounts of Arkonium are absorbed through the shell until Arkonium spikes form. However, this theory has yet to be proven and the Science and Research Center is currently studying these creatures to see if this is the case.

About the Dorrup Creature

Dorrups live in small herds tucked away in the mountains. Experts at navigating the rough terrain, finding a herd is easier said than done. Arkonium encases their hooves, making their hooves more durable and better able to withstand hard, lengthy travel over rocks and rocky formations. Upon tests, Dorrup hooves were found to be self-maintained and only crack and shatter when the creature is dead or dying.

The Arkonium spurs, after attaching to the creature's spine during the last stage of embryonic growth, grow with the creature and serve as both protection and a status symbol. The male with the shiniest, longest Arkonium spurs is the leader. When threatened, the entire herd gathers the young ones into the middle of the herd and begins to brandish their sharp facial spikes. Any creature gored once will think twice before targeting a Dorrup herd again.

Due to heavy poaching for the Arkonium, Dorrups have learned to recognize signs of human habitation, leading to these already elusive herds tucking themselves further and further away in the mountains they call home. Because they're becoming so hard to find, the Science and Research Center has declared the Dorrups a protected species and has made it illegal to harvest Dorrups and Dorrup eggs for their Arkonium. Those found in possession of any Dorrup Arkonium face heavy fines or even time in jail, per legislation from the Town Hall.