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6 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2018
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Snickers the Chocob sat on the ground grumpily, like all wild chocobs he was named after chocolate.
He hated February, the time of hiding, the time of chocolate! Yuck! He had never tasted chocolate before, and for that matter never had seen it. He had often heard horror stories told to young chocobs by their parents about the dreadful candy. He remembered one story quite clearly, it had scared him, and made him forever hate chimmys.
A group of chimmys had placed a piece of chocolate by a young couple of chocobs who had a newly hatched chocob. The infant was curious about the piece of chocolate, since it smelled almost exactly like his parents. The infant then ate it, to see what it tasted like.
The parents were devastated, when they found the body of their son by the half eaten piece of chocolate. I think they never had a egg again. He thought to himself.
Snickers then went to his burrow in the ground, where he had prepared it the day before with water and food that would last him a month. He intended, like most other chocobs to wait out The Chocotravaganza!, in his hole, away from life-threatening chocolate.

About Cozi Eggs

It appears as if this egg has been decorated for the holidays. Cozi eggs are only found during the winter months when it is the coldest outside. Because of this, they are normally buried in thick layers of snow. However, the egg always seems to maintain a nice warm temperature inside.

About the Cozi Creature

The Cozi's main purpose is to bring joy and spread happiness to all it comes into contact with. There have been stories told that suggest the Cozi is actually made from holiday spirit. Because of this, it is the reason they only came around during the holidays. A Cozi loves their scarf and can been seen always having one one. The same could be said about the holiday lights on their body, although those are used for a different purpose. Cozi's are lovely decorators. They love to hang lights on houses and are a great help to their owners. Plus, when they get lost at night, they use the lights on their body to be able to see around them and others can find them. After all, wouldn't you go and explore if you saw colorful lights in the distance?