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9 Dec 2017
3 Jan 2018
4 Jun 2018
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Hehehehehe Hohohoho Hem Hem *clears throat*

Helloo there! My name is FlufferNutters and I ❤ Nutella!
I know. I know. Nutella is full of sugar and sweet but chocolatey plus could potentially cause DiabeteS and I still love it !

So.. back to which and what I am.
-skips around humming-

And just like Alice in Wonderland, I am Fluffers in NuttersLand!
Additionally MY proud and wondrous species has been given the §pecial Name of ... *drumrolls please*


Um. Wait. Is it Ninny or Nuns or Nani or Nuuni or all of them? I can't remember .. just call us Nutella.
We *cough cough* I respond to anything! Even ANYTHING do I respond to!

Let's list a few points down
⍚ Name ☑
⍚ Nickname ☑
⍚ Species ☑
⍚ Favourite Food ☑

Oops I forgot to mention where I am.

I am a beautiful brown angel, with luscious cream fur and bright caramel eyes. Sssooo Deliciousss
Excuse me a moment as I have to lick this chocolate coat off cleanly to become my TRUE self = A pale pink wailing object that cries for creamy milk. >.< Jokes ...... you didn't take me seriously right?
ha ha Ha HA HA

In any case, a beauty like me has not much of a reason to be in NuttersLand. But such a reason must be told before *shudders* your minds wander.
You see, NuttersLand is paradise for Nunnies full of almond hills, marshmellow trees, cookie fields and many many more to come! If you wander around you can see group of fluffy Nunnies eating cotton candy off each other's bodies and little birds singing whilst drinking hot cocoa.

So here I go springing around with my friends, Mocha, Mia and Nutella. *Boing Boing*
They are all still little eggs but will grow strong as time passes by.

Chocolate makes me hyper,
For at least a half an hour,
I will bounce,
I will jump,
And ruin my gorgeous fur

I will chatter,
I will ramble,
As my mind goes hazy,
I sing a song for Nutella ,
Then take a bow.
To watch my audience go crazy.

About Nunny Eggs

Nunny eggs manifest themselves in areas of Ark where the "Christmas spirit" is most prevalent. The sweet aroma emitted by these eggs is known to heighten the festive cheer of the individuals that are in close vicinity to them.

Never prematurely remove a Nunny egg from where it first appeared. It will start to wither and fade away unless it is returned. An unhealthy Nunny egg has once been observed to cause those surrounding it to plummet into a state of despair. It is thought that these eggs are capable of establishing an empathic link to anyone that is nearby.

About the Nunny Creature

A Nunny that is close to hatching might have difficulty escaping its shell. Arkians who have never owned a Nunny before seek Aki the Bright for assistance. In most cases, he will brew the egg in warm water until the soft chocolate encasement dissolves completely and the hatchling is able to free itself. Hot Nunny chocolate is a delicacy during the holiday seasons and new owners are often given the first sip to strengthen their bond to their newly hatched creature.

A Nunny will immediately sense the sadness of anyone nearby. It will do anything within its power to cheer that person or creature up. If it is having difficulty, more Nunnies will appear to offer their assistance. The Science and Research Center in Ark City has come to the conclusion that Nunnies are capable of empathy and developed this ability due to the circumstances in which they were first conceived.

Nunnies are also very enthusiastic helpers. As a matter of fact, young Nunnies are so enthusiastic that they can be quite clumsy. They are very loving, welcoming creatures that enjoy spreading happiness and decorating for any occasion. If asked politely enough, a Nunny will do almost anything that is asked of it.