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My first creature ❤️ 😸 Love you forever, Svea.

7/1/20 AH, I can't believe it! Svea made 30th place on the June monthly views leaderboard ❤️
8/1/20 26th place on the July leaderboard ~❤️
9/1/20 10th place on the August leaderboard ~❤️ ❤️
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1/1/20 9th place on the December leaderboard! 😸 ~❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
3/1/22 46th place on the February leaderboard! 😸 ~❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
4/1/22 40-something place on the March leaderboard! ~❤️ ❤️ ❤️
9/1/22 49th place on the August leaderboard! ~❤️❤️
12/1/22 (?) place on the November leaderboard! ~❤️
2/1/23 32nd place on the January leaderboard!
3/1/23 I can't believe it!! 2ND PLACE on the February leaderboard! ❤️
4/1/23 Somewhere on the leaderboard I think? Yay!
5/1/23 Something like 15th place on the leaderboard!
6/1/23 19th or 20th place on the leaderboard!

Reached 100k views on 8/2ish/20 ❤️
Reached 250k views on 1/31ish/23 ❤️
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Svea's collection:

General Food Store:
Red Sails Pirate Ship Banana Split
Blue Harvest Basket
Roasted Potatoes In Tree Pattern Bowl
Kisagi Candied Apple
Cracked Egg
Green Grape Caterpillar
Pot of Gold Berry Ice Cream Sandwich
Pink Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Yellow Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Blue Willowisp Candy Dispenser
Mixed Berry Cayni Cotton Candy
Milk Chocolate Willow Tree
Dark Chocolate Willow Tree
Fruity Chocolate Willow Tree
Cheddar Robot Chips
Vinaigrette Dressing
Lime Gummy Fish
Cherry Gummy Fish
Amazingly Juicy Pineapple
Very Rusted Bucket Of Nuts
Moldy Sub
Cookies and Cream Chocolate Spider
Dark Chocolate Spider
Cauliflower With Cheese
Shrimp Bisque
Toasty Turkey With Yellow Scarf
Bread Slice
Pink Mixed Flower Salad
Raw Bacon
Extra Crispy Bacon
Turkey Bacon
Decorated Broccoli Tree
White Chocolate Strawberry
Caramel Covered Strawberry
Grass Sandwich
Decorated Cauliflower Tree
Green Broccoli
Maze Maize
Purpleberry Kittynk Slime Capsule
Fairy Bread
Green Ravioli
Cream Plymowl Bowl Of Pumpkin
Spilled Popcorn
Blue Kampos Oyster Plate
Cherry Sky Gelatin
Orange Sky Gelatin
Blueberry Sky Gelatin
Edible Tie Dye Painted Egg
Edible Lavender Painted Egg
Tiny Dinosaur Eggs
Medium Dinosaur Eggs
Pink Easter Egg Basket
Yellow Easter Egg Basket
Strawberry Drizzled Edible Snowball
Pink Ribbon Chocolate Bouquet
Platinum Love-Enchanted Apple
Eel Roll

Toy Shop:
Gray Gas Mask
Blue Floralope Succulent Pot
Pink Floralope Succulent Pot
Purple Floralope Succulent Pot
Gold Dragold Puppet
Green Treelar Plushie
Tuxedo Cat Bookmark
Handheld Rocket Game
Yellow Sticky Hand
Pink Tulip Toy
Rabbit Doll
Sandrodon Sand Sculpture
Sandrodon Plushie
Sandrodon Bank
Wind-Up Sandrodon
Pet Asteroid
Blue Egg Painting Kit
Green Egg Painting Kit
Pink Egg Painting Kit
Nulli Bobblehead
Light Nulli Bobblehead
Green Stars Edition Nulli Bobblehead
Purple Stars Edition Nulli Bobblehead
Silver Wind-Up Macbot
Adoring Lovely Heart Toy
Red Storticai Plushie
Pink Iramae Moonhopper
Green Haunted Fishing Toy
Brios Plushie
Gold Remote Control Brios
Remote Control UFO
Generic Alien Plushie
Bushay Surprise Egg
Yellow Pahoehoe Plushie
Purple Haunted Light Up Witch Plushie
Cloverli Plush (2nd Edition)
Cloverli Plush (4th Edition)
Orange War Bird
Green Chain of Crabberts
Jumbo Yellow Tree Puzzle
Purple Stramyra Plushie
Blue Blobbart Squirt Toy
Red Blobbart Squirt Toy
Gray Krah Squirt Toy
Green Mekii Stuffed Toy
Carnivorse Ball
Orange Scarf Autuwl Plushie
Red Scarf Autuwl Plushie
Copper Laser Pointer
Robark Laser Pointer
Red Christmas Tree Truck
Yellow Aosidhe Plushie
Blue Aosidhe Plushie
Sparkling Aosidhe Plushie
Blue Hermicone Frisbee
Green Stripe Chamillion Piggy Bank
Blue Magmish Lava Lamp
Pink Magmish Lava Lamp
Red Mechanical Love Robot
White Flufur Toy
Yellow Flufur Toy
Cream Flufur Toy
Pink Flufur Toy
Red Globear Teddy Bear
Haunted Kernell Teddy Bear
Haunted Mefisto Teddy Bear
Amethyst Rubber Ducky
Yellow Garast Plushie
Green Garast Plushie
Gray Garast Plushie
Blue Garast Plushie
Golden Teddy Bear
Pot O' Gold Teddy Bear
Lucky Teddy Bear
Blue Harpis Plushie
Yellow Harpis Plushie
Green Harpis Plushie
Sparkling Harpis Plushie
Dark Red Yamamagan Plushie
Orange Yamamagan Plushie
Rainbow Fidget Spinner
Red and Green Festive Birds
Frosty Lil Devil Toy
Cathy Bobblehead
Blue Alkub Plushie
Yellow Alkub Plushie
Green Alkub Plushie
Red Alkub Plushie
Yellow Barbat Plushie
Gold Imp Statuette
Black Imp Statuette
Sparkling Arnmnae Plushie
Blue Arnmnae Plushie
Yellow Arnmnae Plushie
Green Arnmnae Plushie
Red Arnmnae Plushie
Sparkling Mystic Plushie
Yellow Mystic Plushie
Sparkling Staga Plushie
Green Staga Plushie
Blue Staga Plushie
Yellow Staga Plushie
Pile of Bricks
Rainbear Yarn Ball
Green Ami Plushie
Orange Horn Manekii Plushie
Red Horn Manekii Plushie
Olive Horn Manekii Plushie
Horn Manekii Plushie
Purple Tine Plushie
Black Gobbler Plushie
Original Nutcracker
Blue Polar Staff
Biwo Pup Plushie
Rudolph Muletide Toy
Zebra Muletide Toy
Earth Florn Toy
Water Florn Toy
Air Florn Toy
Rayun Plushie
Nunny Squeaky Toy
Common Lepragon Vinyl Figure
Uncommon Lepragon Vinyl Figure
Rare Lepragon Vinyl Figure
Limited Edition Lepragon Vinyl Figure
White Luvun Toy
Purple Luvun Toy
Pink Luvun Toy
Brown Luvun Toy
Tenalp Plushie
Green Leg Parlock Plushie
Second-generation Pale Pink Ami Plushie
Second-generation Pink Ami Plushie
Second-generation Purple Ami Plushie
Second-generation Red Ami Plushie
Peach Furrep Keychain
Pale Pink Furrep Keychain
Pink Furrep Keychain
Bright Pink Furrep Keychain
Gold Berr Plushie
Green Berr Plushie
Blue Berr Plushie
Blue Lunantis Plush
Light Blue Lunantis Plush
Purple Lunantis Plush
Sea Green Lunantis Plush
Blue Bouncy Ball
Green Bouncy Ball
Red Bouncy Ball
Red Tervita Plush
White Tervita Plush
Purple Tervita Plush
Pink Tervita Plush
Diamond Wolfern Plushie
Gold Wolfern Plushie
Silver Wolfern Plushie
Wolfern Plushie
Cozy Scarf
Orange And Yellow Plaid Scarf
Blue Chilly Scarf
Brown Plaid Scarf
Blue Anukal Plushie
Gold Anukal Plushie
Regular Anukal Plushie
Black Anukal Plushie
Black Skull Deggo
Green Skull Deggo
White Skull Deggo
Brown Skull Deggo
Huggable Pink Lamb
Huggable Blue Bunny
Yellow Corlinn Plushie
Purple Wackalama Piñata
Tropical Rubber Honk
Yellow Eleton Wooden Toy
Punbundu Dog Toy
Blue Rex Toy
Red Nipha Plushie
Blue Nipha Plushie
Blue Dreidel
White Dreidel
Wooden Dreidel
Black and White Xylophone
Rainbow Xylophone
Gold Clovotl Toy
White Roo Plushie
Dark Hooves Roo Plushie
Gold Polar Staff
Blue Kalown Mask
Blue Resizable Stretch Toy
Blue Lollipuff Plushie
Dark Imp Holding A Daisy
Gold Imp Holding A Daisy
Black Silicone Chip Plushie
Blue Flor Plushie
Unraveled Blue Yarn
Unraveled Red Yarn
Black Krah Squirt Toy
Blue New Years Balloon
Gold New Years Balloon
Pink New Years Balloon
Pink Baby Macaw Plushie
Golden Baby Macaw Plushie
Green Peppermint Snake
Red Peppermint Snake
Blue Peppermint Snake
Green Barbat Plushie
Empty Box
Ophiledia Keychain
Blue Trisk Plushie
Light Blue Trisk Plushie
Purple Trisk Plushie
Green Trisk Plushie
Sparkling Blue Youngold Plushie
Green Youngold Plushie
Yellow Bubblynx Bubble Toy
Blue Bubblynx Bubble Toy
Pink Bubblynx Bubble Toy
Green Bubblynx Bubble Toy
Loving White Doctor Bag
Robark Wind Up Toy (Blue Wing Edition)
Robark Wind Up Toy (Red Wing Edition)
Robark Wind Up Toy (Green Wing Edition)
Robark Wind Up Toy (Yellow Wing Edition)
Green Mariyd Ornament
Peppermint Kringus Tusk
Purple Seren Bath Toy
Yellow Seren Bath Toy
Green Seren Bath Toy
Ice Bear Plushie
Ice Doggy Plushie
Ice Bunny Plushie
Pink Naleli Mobile
Red Naleli Mobile
Gold Naleli Mobile
White Naleli Mobile
Shiny Silver Astronaut Costume Helmet
Silver Steampunk Teddy Bear
Golden Steampunk Teddy Bear
Black Steampunk Teddy Bear

Assorted Gummy Gems
Green Rock Candy Cake
Milk Chocolate Turtle
Lemon Roo Lolly
Vanilla and Slime Wisoki Macarons
Blueberry Fish Cracker
Sparkling Wrapped Candy
Pink Daffodil Cake Pop
Eye Cake Of Protection
Red Bow Pengift Gingerbread Biscuit
Pink Bow Pengift Gingerbread Biscuit
White Bow Pengift Gingerbread Biscuit
Green Bow Pengift Gingerbread Biscuit
Black And Red Rocket Cookie
Iced Berry Monstera Cookie
Roza Strawberry Chocolate Dish
Roza Mint Chocolate Dish
Raspberry Chocolate Amoyrm
White Luffin Sugar Cookies
Pink Layered Flower Cookie
Blue Layered Flower Cookie
Yellow Layered Flower Cookie
Blueberry Lights Cupcake
Lime Patrick Cupcake
Banana Patrick Cupcake
Chocolate Patrick Cupcake
Rose Orange Kyootie Cupcake
Strawberry Sepulcros Cupcake
Chocolate Cow Slice
Double Chocolate Cow Slice
Strawberry Cow Slice
Vanilla White Chocolate Cow Slice
Fossilized Muffin
Old Fossilized Muffin
Really Old Fossilized Muffin
Really Really Old Fossilized Muffin
Periwinkle Square Cupcake
Chocolate Zuote Cupcake
Strawberry Sikeree Cupcakes
Special Wrapped Candy
Caramel Autumn Cupcake
White Bauble Sugar Cookie
Chocolate Blueberry Linzer Cookie
Vanilla Gelatin Cake Slice
Banana Three Tier Cake
Raspberry Chocolate Cake With a Strawberry
Pistachio Lights Cupcake
Assorted Pastel Candy Eggs
Silver Steampunk Cupcake
Gold Steampunk Cupcake
Homemade Holiday Mint Cookies
Rayun Coffee Cake

Bean Sack:
Chocolate Cat Coffee
Dark Chocolate Cat Coffee
Mother's Day Smoothie
Gold Coffee Plant
Gray Patterned Latte
Purple Bag of Iced Coffee Grounds
Original Boxed Coffee Cake
Iced Coffee With Red Hearts
Cup of Green Tea
Cup of Sweet Green Tea
Oak Coffee
Pumpkin Coffee
Hot Cocoa In A White Present Mug
Hot Cocoa In A Red Present Mug
Blue Ghosty Mug
Yellow Jungle Mug
Blue Easter Egg Mug
Retro Purple Galaxy Mug
Retro Pink Galaxy Mug
Retro Green Galaxy Mug
Zigzag Hot Chocolate
Affogato with Strawberry Sauce
Sleepy Lungo Espresso
Green Teapot
Black Teapot
Red Teapot
Plain Teapot
Marzi Teapot
Red And White Hearts Teapot
Purple Tentropy Teapot
Black Tentropy Teapot
Spilled Caramel Coffee
Plain Couples Coffee
Lucky Coffee
Radioactive Goldfish Coffee
Cinnamon Cappucino
Cup of Blonde Coffee
Honey Lucky Coffee
Aqua Intergalactic Coffee
Emerald Crystal Coffee
Blizzard Coffee In Rainy Cup
Peppermint Smoothie
Gray Cubic Coffee
Silver Dog Coffee Bowl
Pitcher of Moldy Iced Tea
Matcha Flower Tea
Seasonal Cider
Punbundu Teacups
Pyraguin Teacups
Dark Green Mug of Irish Coffee
Cup of Valentine Coffee
Moth Sized Hazelnut Coffee
Moth Sized Caramel Coffee
Moth Sized Vanilla Coffee
Christmas Candle Mug

Leila Library:
The Shillas Book
Ruby Naharian Book
Ghostar In The Cellar
Cosmic Postcard
Wiggit Adventures (Special Edition)
Wiggit Adventures (Vol 1)
Wiggit Adventures (Vol 2)
Wiggit Adventures (Vol 3)
How To Train Your Frion
How To Train Your Puffup
How To Train Your Salaslyke
How To Train Your Sandrodon
Blackberry Pie Book
Relieving Stress
Pink Aries Themed Journal
Valentine's Caramel Filled Book
Green Medieval Novel
Orange Medieval Novel
Tervita Valentine Book Set
Holiday Greeting Card
Astreavens (Vol 3)
Astreavens (Vol 2)
How To Train Your Aqueueren
Blue Christmas Tales Box Set

Finley's Flavors:
Neopolitan Tasma Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
Moldy Ice Cream Cone
Pipared Chocolate Frozen Pop
Mixed Berry Tasma Ice Cream
Passionfruit Lovador Ice Cream
Soutenue Ice Cream Bowl
Orange Olimpt Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
Chocolate 7th Birthday Milkshake
Banana 7th Birthday Milkshake
Mint Ice Cream Cup
Blueberry Snowman Treat
Original Dipped Turkey Pop
Chocolate Snowman Cone
White Iced Snowflake Cookie
Chocolate Tornado Ice Cream
Pot O Gold Scoop
Blue Space Dots Ice Cream
Ice Cream In A Gold Mico Hat
Bubblegum Butterfly Ice Cream On A Stick
Too Much Mint Fir Ice Cream
Too Much Sherbet Fir Ice Cream
Too Much Cotton Candy Fir Ice Cream
Too Much Rainbow Fir Ice Cream
Berry And Cherry Heart Waffle Cone
Fall Chocolate Berry Ice Cream Bowl
Watermelon Easter Whipped Ice Cream
Chocolate Rose Ice Cream
White Chocolate Glacier Float
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Eggs
Lime Haunlupe Ice Cream
Berry Haunlupe Ice Cream
Lemon Haunlupe Ice Cream
Blueberry Haunlupe Ice Cream

About Texu Eggs

Texu eggs are often overlooked as they have the unique ability to bend light. This makes them almost invisible to the naked eye. In the icy lairs of their native habitat this is quite an effective defense. This "light bending" has been linked to the peculiar ice crystals which grow from the embryo and penetrate the shell of the egg. If you listen closely to the crystals, they create a faint humming tune which modulates depending on the mood of the creature within.

Texus do not guard or watch over their eggs. They are laid in an isolated spot and left to live or die in the elements. The egg itself is peculiarly light for its size, although the shell itself is quite dense. If a predator does stumble upon an egg, he must be either very determined or very hungry to penetrate this mighty shell.

While the egg is beautiful to look at, once your eyes have become accustomed to the strange "light bending" you shouldn't stare at one for too long as they have been known to blind people. In some rarer cases, staring has even resulted in a form of hallucinogenic mania.

About the Texu Creature

Once hatched, this remarkable animal still has a limited ability to bend light and create simple visual illusions. It is much stronger if the creatures work together, especially as a family group. The ice crystals on their hindquarters will grow with the creature at various rates depending on where in the family group they are placed.

The Alpha pair who has the largest and strongest crystals are able to communicate using the crystals across whole continents! They can also be used to store and share body heat, thus in the most bitter winter months the creatures will not freeze even when caught out in a blizzard.

Texus are a robust and fiercely protective species and if you are fortunate enough to befriend one of these elusive creatures, it will be a bond that last beyond your lifespan through to your children and theirs. They will accept you and yours as an accessory to their own complex family group.

Like many creatures, in order to maintain their genetic diversity, some of the younger males and females will move away to join other family groups. This is often a long, lonely and arduous task. These younger Texus have often been seen communing with their cousins, the mighty Arnmnae, as they journey across the melting ice in warmer months.