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About Swanice Eggs

The elegant plumage dress of the Swanice egg is vital to a successful hatching, keeping it warm in the harsh, freezing temperatures of the Coldworld. Unfortunately, however, the feathers go for a pretty penny on the market, which makes the poaching of Swanice eggs a profitable business. Because of this, Swanice populations have dropped dramatically and made these flawless eggs hard to come by.

About the Swanice Creature

Swanice populate the secluded frozen lakes in the Coldworld. They, unlike many other birds, are not migratory, but stay in tightly knit family units. Swanice do not grow their razor-like external feathers until they are adults, so parental figures are essential in defending them from the Lyralopex, their primary predator.

Swanice are very playful, which can sometimes lead to their demise, as they don’t have the best long-term memory and awareness. However, their keen sense of hearing seems to keep them from dying out completely.