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About Coarach Eggs

Coarach eggs are laid in the high Grasslands of Ark, so they are typically concealed by their surroundings and are difficult to find. They are laid annually around the end of February, making them discoverable in the month of March around St. Patrick's Day. If the weather is too cold in the Grasslands around this time, most Coarach eggs do not hatch and die.

About the Coarach Creature

Coaraches are found and hatch annually in the month of March but have an extremely short lifespan. In fact, their lifespan is about 1 year or less (those who make it to 1 year are considered above average in accordance with data the Science and Research Center in Ark City).

One might think that this is a tragedy: who would choose to own a Coarach as their own, if they know that they will die in a year? Who would want to expose themselves to this kind of loss, if it could be avoided? Many find that it's not as traumatic as you'd think. Coaraches, despite their cute appearance, actually move very little and are stationary for most of their lives. Many owners end up finding this boring and that Coaraches don't actually make good pets. As a result, many people don't own Coaraches. Instead, they just go and visit them in the Grasslands, their natural habitat, if they really want to see one in person.

Coaraches are an integral part of the Grasslands ecosystem. Four-leaf clovers replicate themselves and grow out of where Coaraches lie after they pass on.