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About Jarohal Eggs

To hatch, Jarohal eggs must be kept in darkness and immersed in warm, shallow ocean water. It is best not to move the egg once it has been laid.

About the Jarohal Creature

The Jarohal fish lurks in the darker places of the surface of the ocean: they hide underneath rocks and bury themselves in sand and attack their predators when they least expect it. This makes them expert hunters and the biggest threat to ocean life around them. They are known for being very aggressive.

Recently, the reef off the coast of southwestern Ark has struggled with a Jarohal overpopulation problem. Jarohals have been consuming too much of the reef's resources which could damage the ecosystem permanently. As a result, the Town Hall has allowed for unrestricted Jarohal fishing to control the population. So far, the fishing has been a success and is still allowed without restriction (although that is likely to change in the coming years).

Because of the plentiful supply of Jarohal, the top chefs in Ark City have created exotic dishes with the fish. Many people, however, do not eat Jarohal because, if it is improperly prepared, consuming it could be fatal.