Dimiath the Diminuaith

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About Diminuaith Eggs

A rumbling noise nearly identical to that of an empty, growling stomach can be heard from this egg. It will momentarily subside once it has been provided with nutrient-rich water.

The Science and Research Center in Ark City has observed Diminuaith eggs to emit a non-ionizing form of radiation no more harmful than the amount released by average consumer electronics. While this radioactivity has transgressed to a hazardous level in only two documented cases, Ark City's consumer protection laws mandate for every sold Diminuaith egg to be accompanied by a pamphlet detailing exposure risks.

About the Diminuaith Creature

Following the inexplicable disappearance of the Garguaith from the Cave, florists in Ark City selectively bred the surviving population to produce a household variant. The Diminuaith, so-called for its modest size, lacks its progenitor's thorn-covered body in favor of an impressive toothy maw. It is a carnivorous species that must consume large quantities of raw meat on a weekly basis to maintain a healthy well-being.