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About Felindle Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for June 2013.

The waxy, warm shell of Felindle eggs emit a softly gentle glow. This glow slowly diminishes as the creature within becomes closer to hatching.

About the Felindle Creature

Felindle are native to the deserts around Leila. They tend to be nocturnal and use their fiery glow to light their way in the dark. Felindle are able to regulate their glow and can diminish it to almost nothing in order to catch their prey unawares. Their third eye can see into the infrared spectrum, making them very efficient at finding prey at their prefered hunting hour.

In ancient times Felindle were regarded as sacred by many desert cultures. Their ability to see things hidden in the dark was interpreted as otherworldly and thus they were given a place of honor and importance in ancient beliefs. It was believed that they could see into other worlds and stood guard at the boundaries between reality and all the other worlds. Their fiery glow is said to be light from one of these worlds. The rare unexplainable occurrences that happen around Felindle suggest that some of these beliefs may have a bit of truth in them.