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About Quarina Eggs

Quarina eggs can only be found deep within underwater caves. Crystalline structures begin to form around the shell almost immediately, aided by the presence of various minerals in the shell, protecting it from certain predators and environmental dangers.

About the Quarina Creature

When Quarina eggs hatch the shell is consumed by the young Quarina for nourishment. The Quarina then spends the next stage of its life using the leftover crystal shell as its home. During this time Quarinas develop a minor ability to manipulate crystals, they practice this ability on the crystal shells that surrounded their eggs. This ability is used to create vast tunnel networks through out the native crystal of the caves. Abandoned tunnels eventually get filled in by the constantly growing crystals, due to a side effect of the manipulations of the Quarinas this new crystal grows in a rainbow of colors. Cavedivers tell tales about giant transparent crystals with vibrant ribbons of rainbow within their depths.