The_Last_Way the Cerberus

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13 Aug 2018
25 Dec 2021

About Cerberus Eggs

While in the Fiery Shadows Cerberus eggs glow bright enough to read by. Once removed from that plane the glow steadily dims as the energy of the Fiery Shadows dissipates until only a faint glow is left.

About the Cerberus Creature

Cerberuses are highly intelligent and can be taught to do almost anything. However, getting all three heads to work together makes training them especially challenging. The simplest thing to teach a Cerberus to do is guard duty. If you are unfortunate enough to visit the Fiery Shadows you will find that most of the important places and things guarded by a Cerberus.

All Cerberuses have the innate ability to manipulate the ambient energy that flows through the Fiery Shadows. This ability must be trained to bring out its full potential. Cerberus trainers with the skills to bring this ability to its full potential are few and far between. A Cerberus who has been trained in the ways of energy manipulation are forces to be reckoned with.