Semantology the Yiberace

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7 Jun 2020
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About Yiberace Eggs

You hear a faint purring noise come from this egg...

About the Yiberace Creature

Yiberaces are known as the "cats of many colors," blessed by the rainbow. Many owners of Yiberaces say that their favorite part of having one is simply looking at it and admiring its colors.

Yiberaces are not an aggressive kind of cat. In fact, they are vegetarians and are very kind to other creatures both big and small. They, like pandas, eat bamboo and inhabit the more tropical, northern areas of the island where bamboo is plentiful. In terms of temperament, Yiberaces are kind when treated respectfully but are quick to anger when annoyed. They use their long and sharp claws to swipe at any potential predators (of which there are few).

Yiberaces are a protected species.