Plumpkins the Ocktin

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31 Oct 2018
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About Ocktin Eggs

Ocktin eggs grow abundantly in the low grasslands during the month of October. They grow so quickly that some farmers regard Ocktin eggs as an invasive species. Some farmers exterminate patches of Ocktin eggs completely, so that they don't take over their land.

This practice has not been formally condoned or condemned by the government in Ark City.

About the Ocktin Creature

As Ocktins grow, their temperament matures and becomes happier. Newly-hatched Ocktins are actually quite sad and unsure of themselves. Mid-life Ocktins mature from being sad to being naive, gullible, and easily spooked. Newly-hatched and mid-life Ocktins are frequently placed in haunted houses because of their compatible demeanor.

Fully-matured Ocktins are very cheery and love to participate in annual Halloween Fair activities.

The average lifespan of an Ocktin is one and a quarter years.