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About Stegga Eggs

Stegga eggs are actually not eggs in the truest sense. Rather, they are cocoons laid by their mother, waiting to transform and enter the world. The spines on the back of the Stegga egg are the real spines of the real creature once it awakens, so don't disturb them.

About the Stegga Creature

Steggas are meek but massive creatures that roam the Northern Plains. They are primarily hunted by Alkub packs although Steggas have a significant advantage over Alkubs in that they have dragon-tough skin that's virtually impenetrable by even the sharpest of teeth. Alkubs will actually stalk Steggas over time to tire them out and wear them down. If a Stegga succumbs to an Alkub, it's likely that it's because it's aging and tired and knows that "its time is up" soon.

The spines of Steggas change color based on the color of the leaves during the autumn season. Somehow, they appear to be in sync with nature completely.

The Stegga population is dwindling on the Northern Plains due to illegal hunting and climate change. Steggas are expected to become a protected species by the Town Hall soon.