W0HiEeBo8 the Aracnader

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30 Nov 2018
2 Jan 2019
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About Aracnader Eggs

Doesn't this egg look like you can...look through it? It kind of looks like a bunch of leaves during fall. Nice and pretty though!

About the Aracnader Creature

The Aracnader is a creature that loves fall. They love when the leaves fall and change colors, buildings various nests and beds out of them just to be comfortable. These creatures enjoy leaves so much, no wonder they are colored like them. So if you want to make your Aracnader happy, make sure you keep a bunch of leaves around. Even those fake ones would work just fine, because it is more about the color than texture. Of course this Aracnader is slightly bigger than your average spider running around Ark City, so at least you shouldn't lose your new friend.