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Hi. I am very happy with my home and do not wish to go anywhere.

If you have stumbled upon me, please don't hesitate to give me some food. I promise I won't bite. 😃

About Sockey Eggs

These eggs smell like clean socks fresh from the drier. These eggs are not hard at all, but they are soft to the touch and you can feel the stuffing underneath. Sockey eggs do not hatch because they unfold into the new shape of its next stage. Sockey eggs are incredibly easy to take care of, and are great first pets for a beginning creature owner. This is because Sockey eggs cannot break, and they can be cleaned in the washing machine! Isn't that handy?

About the Sockey Creature

The Sockey is best described as a living plush animal! In fact, when a Sockey first hatches, it isn't considered a true creature. This is because under the studies of the SARC, it has been found that hatched Sockeys do not hold any conscience at all. In fact, there is no sign of life in a hatched Sockey at all! For this reason, some choose to freeze a Sockey in it's hatched state as toys for children; thus being called a Sockey plush. The best part about Sockey plush is that as the child gets older, they can unfreeze their Sockey to let it grow to become a living companion!

In order for a Sockey to grow out of its 'plush' state, it must be with its owner long enough to experience Christmas once or twice. It is said the Christmas Spirit gives life to Sockey's that have been a good companion to its owner. Once a Sockey grows out of the 'Plush' state, they can begin to make small movements, start to understand words, and gain living qualities such as breathing. Sockeys stay in their second stage longest, as it takes a while for their fabric bodies to adapt to moving and 'talking'.

When a Sockey finally reaches its final stage, they have full movement, communication, and bodily functions. A Sockey's 'speech' sound exactly like a generic squeaker found in many pet toys. Sockeys are still plush-like in their final stage, meaning they do not need food or water. If your Sockey does have a tear in it or lost some stuffing, no need to worry! You can get it more stuffing and patch it up easily.