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9 Dec 2018
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10 Things About Me!

1.) I Love Cats.

2.) I am 13.

3.) My Birthday is November 14th, 2:21 AM.

4.) My Time Zone Matches with Eggcave.

5.) I Love Writing.

6.) I am Good at Drawing. (Cats, is what I do best.)

7.) I play Chicken Smoothie. (my user is Owlcat.)

8.) Sometimes I like to Capitalize random Words.

9.) I have 2 Cats, 1 Dog, and 1 Chinchilla.

10.) I wish to become a writer when I grow up.

About Giramint Eggs

Giramint eggs smell sweet and feel slightly sticky. This sweet scent attracts a variety of insects that help clean the egg of any debris that gets stuck to the mildly adhesive shell.

About the Giramint Creature

Giramints are mild tempered, shy creatures that keep their distance from other species. They can be seen wandering the grasslands in small family groups of 6-8 individuals. A Giramint's skin is sticky just like their egg. However, instead of everything sticking to their skin it is only cellulose that sticks, giving the Giramint a convenient snack for later. The stuck plant matter also acts as food source for younger and smaller Giramint who can't always reach up to where the leaves are.