Melpomene the Volpe

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Melpomene the Muse of Tragedy

Originally known as the Muse of Chorus, she sung lullabies capable of enrapturing the soul but now times have changed and she sings songs of tragic poetry.

Born swathed in golden sunlight, protected by Mother Nature herself, Melpomene and her twin sister Thalia tumbled around the glade. Their cries echoed through the heavens, Melpomene's reverberating clearer and louder, beckoning the ways of the stars.

At first, all was in awe of her voice. Then, centaurs started noticing her uncanny foresight. Everyone revered her, for she was all-seeing. They surrounded her every evening, praising and flattering her with sweeten words and beautiful actions. They crafted her a pair of fragile wings, sung from the enchanting sirens and the ominous screeches of the harpies. It chained her down to the ground, took her voice away, trapped in a pair of wings created by those who admired her.

Anguished and terrified, she lashed out. Her wings flapped unceremoniously and let out jarring sounds of broken music notes. For eras to come she preyed upon the folks, music heard far and wide foretold each individual's demise. They would never escape, for her tragedies were self-fulfilling.

The other one, tried to cheer her sister up with puns and witty banter. Thalia hummed cheerful hymns and melodies, played practical jokes all in the name of making Melpomene smile again. This soothed Melpomene's anger, however peoples view of her were already twisted. Time had long since passed and rumors spread. No longer was she the melodious Muse of Chorus but the Muse of Tragedy.

The Dear Hunter ~ Melpomene

About Volpe Eggs

There's a strange humming noise that comes from this egg. It sounds harmonious and musical, too.

About the Volpe Creature

The Volpe is known as "The Harmonious Fox" that seeks to live in balance with nature and all of its surroundings. It is a vegetarian animal unlike the many other types of foxes. As a result, it isn't the type of ominous predator that you would think it might be.

A musical staff, similar to the Pekva, is imprinted on the wings of the creature. The various lines that make up the wing (staff) can actually be plucked like a string. They even make a sound like a harpsichord! Their wings, however, are very delicate and fragile and cannot be plucked regularly. Otherwise, the wings will be covered with debilitating sores and bruises. If a Volpe's wings are plucked too frequently, it can permanently disable the creature, making it impossible for them to fly.

Under humane and strictly regulated conditions, samples have been recorded from Volpe wings and digitized. In the shops of Ark City, you can buy electronic Volpe Keyboards if you desire the sound!