Calimero the Pekva

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About Pekva Eggs

The Pekva has a musical staff imprinted upon its egg. When this staff is read and played by a musician, it sounds like unharmonious nonsense though. Maybe the creature inside will bring forth a more intelligent song?

About the Pekva Creature

Despite the fact that the musical staff on its egg is essentially gibberish, Pekvas hatch and become the most musical of the songbirds in Ark. After intense study and observation by the Science and Research Center in Ark City, it is estimated that Pekvas spend nearly 80% of their waking hours chirping and singing songs. Likely as a result of this, Pekvas aren't awake as many daily hours compared to other birds of their size. In other words, Pekvas require a significant amount of rest to produce their original tune.

Pekvas are also remarkable in that they don't just repeat the same song over and over again. They're constantly learning new songs from other birds (including species other than the Pekva). They even have the ability to "splice" songs to synthesize something new—part of how a Pekva produces a unique song is by taking two distinct parts from other birds' songs and putting them together. Each Pekva bird perpetuates this process forward so that there is always something new to listen to.