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About Florette Eggs

Florette eggs are usually found near roses, and can be identified by their distinctive smells and appearances. The eggs, which are small enough to be held in one's hand, are a medium green and have clusters of small buds attached to the base. Under no circumstance should these clusters be removed, as they will not grow back when in egg stage.

About the Florette Creature

The Florette is a small, fox-like creature that is often given as a gift during Valentine's day. The tradition of gifting Florettes has become increasingly popular, as Florette roses do not wither compared to real ones. The stems attached to its ears and tails are actually rosebuds that gradually mature as the creature gets older. These blooms are not true roses, but they are highly valuable for their scent, color, and permanent freshness. Florette roses should only be removed when the creature is in its adult stage, as the buds will be able to grow back. Removing and gifting the Florette roses separately is a popular option for recipients who can't keep the creature itself. Although it may look harmless and cute, Florettes are known to wreck homes due to their tendency to knock over furniture with their overlarge tails and ears. It is highly recommended to keep them in a garden outside where they have a larger area to roam and explore. But make sure you have a fenced in area, as it will be easy to lose the beautiful green creature if you aren't looking.