Sidqiel the Lovador

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About Lovador Eggs

Lovador eggs resemble a fluffier version of Tervita eggs, except they do not hover above the ground. Instead, the furry tail is constantly wagging, shedding fur all over. Lovador eggs are often found to be the source of a strong strawberry scent that wafts through Ark City during Valentine's Day. An arrow is always seen around the egg—whatever you do, don't remove it. The arrow is a symbolic icon of the Lovador and without it the newborn Lovador will not inherit any maternal memories that the creature's mother may have left in the arrow.

No matter who is present around the egg, someone who will love the creature for life is needed in order for Lovador eggs to hatch.

About the Lovador Creature

Look at those big eyes! Love doesn't just come from your soulmate. We can't deny the love a pet will have towards its owners. When hatched, make sure you care for your Lovador. It specifically hatched for you, and when taken care of, your Lovador will become a companion for life!

Lovadors are playful no matter what stage they are in. They can be seen bouncing alongside their owners and skipping through the streets for strawberries and chocolates, their favorite foods. Many Lovadors will carry a bow and a quiver filled with heart shaped arrows which they use to shoot at pets and owners in order to "bless" the two with a happy relationship. Surprisingly, they never miss a target, even with their clumsy paws!