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4 Apr 2019
16 Jul 2019
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YOU TAKE YOUR MYSTERY EGG SUCCESSFULLY!!! You're overwhelmed with excitement as you gaze upon your brand-new baby egg. You immediately have feelings of love and care for your creature. You notice that it's a Sankose and can't wait for it to grow up.

Happy Birthday to my DIL, Tina, who turns 29 today.
What a lovely gift to celebrate a very special lady

8:06 a.m. captured from Thief Shop, April 4, 2019

About Sankose Eggs

Sankose eggs are typically partially buried in the sand underneath thorny bushes. The red spikes mimic the thorns on the bushes providing camouflage and defense.

About the Sankose Creature

Sankose are a very small species that live in the desert sands. Sankose are herbivores and their diet consists mainly of desert grasses and cacti. They use the hard spike on their tails to pierce the tough outer skin of cacti to better reach the water and flesh inside. The boney growths on their backs helps shield them from the sharp spines of the cactus.

Sankose are more commonly called "sand hoppers" as they will spring out of their sandy hiding places to pounce on small insects, stray leaves, or even each other as they play.