Effinity the Sikeree

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14 Feb 2015
5 Aug 2019
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Bird Feeder

Here is the bird feeder. Here, seeds and crumbs.
Sprinkle them on and see what comes.
One cardinal, one chickadee, one junco, one jay.
Four of my bird friends are eating today.
-Myra Cohn Livingstone

About Sikeree Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for Valentine's Day 2015.

The Sikeree is the first creature ever discovered in Ark that begins life as a conjoined egg. The conjoined egg houses two individual creatures.

About the Sikeree Creature

The Sikeree creature represents an ancient legend of love between two birds named Sik and Ree.

* * *

Long ago, there were two birds born to separate parents just minutes apart, Sik and Ree. From the outset, Sik and Ree were inseparable and knew that they loved one another without reservation. Sadly, in an unexpected event Sik's father died. At that same time, Ree's mother passed away.

Undone and robbed by grief, their love fell apart as they had no energy to give to one another. In their pain, they flew away from each other, each in opposite directions for miles and miles.

Now hundreds of miles apart, Sik began to think of Ree and Ree of Sik. To find one another again, they both flew back to the same spot from which they departed but they had missed each other for they arrived and departed at different times.

After 10 long years of yearning and searching for one another, Sik and Ree found each other perched across the opening of The Volcano at about the time they were both going to give up. Reunited, they rekindled their love with new perspective on their loss as younger birds.

The Legend of Sik and Ree teaches that no amount of pain or distance can sever or alter the tie of true love.