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About Huhu Eggs

Huhu eggs are made up of a strange material that SAR Center scientists have likened to synthetic fur, though the actual material remains unidentified. The eggs of this species have been known to manifest in places where a great tragedy occurred, such as amongst the ashes of a forest fire or in the aftermath of a great flood.

About the Huhu Creature

Huhus are an extremely elusive creature that are known to reside in wooded areas and the deep forests of Ark. Reports from those lucky enough to chance upon a Huhu state that something about the creature feels otherworldly, often describing them as “not feeling quite alive” or “existing somewhere between life and death.” Some have even claimed that the Huhu they encountered gave them the opportunity to communicate with a deceased friend or loved one, allowing them one final goodbye before moving on. Because of this, they have been labeled “Guardians of the Spirit World”, acting as vessels between spirits and the mortal plane.

Thanks to their links to the spirit realm, Huhus are a popular choice as familiars with shamans, witches and other practitioners of the occult. As a familiar, fully mature Huhus are said to be protective and fiercely loyal to their partner. Although the SAR Center's research on the species has been hindered by its ability to easily escape captivity, those who have had Huhus have been helpful in filling in the blanks, providing detailed reports on the creature's solitary nature and its ability to hunt in complete darkness.

An ancient Arkian legend foretells the story of a Huhu named Hehewuti who would wander into human villages and wait outside people’s homes. Rather than waiting for an old friend or a previous owner, it is said that Hehewuti was actually waiting for a death. Indeed, a member of that household would fall gravely ill and possibly even perish shortly after. Those who survived the mark of Hehewuti were considered blessed and went on to live long and prosperous lives. This legend still persist in the modern day, with many communities viewing Huhus as harbingers of death and tragedy.