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About Krow Eggs

An ominous skull charm is affixed to these eggs by the elders of the species. They are said to ward off any danger and protect the delicate creature inside from harm until they hatch. Although the skull charm looks frighteningly real, they are actually made of tree bark.

About the Krow Creature

The Krow is a forest-dwelling species that is known for being one of the pioneers that introduced magic to Ark, harnessing the powers of alchemy and nature in their craft. They are highly attuned to nature and are known to gather various types of plants and flowers to conjure spells and brew potions.

Extremely social at heart, they have been observed forming tightly-knit self-governing communities, known as covens, each specializing in a different field of magic. A coven living in a jungle brimming with various species of plants and flowers might specialize in botany, for example, whereas another living in The Fiery Shadows might specialize in the occult and dark magic. Many of these covens operate under a complex hierarchical structure, often serving under a “high priest” or “high priestess” who is typically the most powerful member of their community.

Upon reaching adolescence, a fully mature Krow is given a wooden charm by its elders, carved to resemble a skull, that is said to help channel their abilities. The more charms one has, the more prolific their abilities are. Krows who lose their charms have been reported to become sullen and confused, opting to live alone rather than with their coven.

Although feared by many who believe them to be cunning and wicked, they are actually benevolent creatures who prefer to use their magic to cure the sick and help the needy. Despite this, certain Krows have been known to go rogue, using their magic for selfish or even nefarious reasons, though these individuals are typically considered a pariah by their coven. It is said that, long ago, it was actually a rogue Krow who enchanted the very first known Doovoo.